My First Blog Post

Were all on a path that is leading somewhere, and it’s the decisions we make along that path that determine where we end up in the future.

But let’s face it no one wakes up and says I think I want to wreck my life today.

But the truth of the matter is relationally speaking we all want the same thing out of life.  We want to be happy and we want to be fulfilled and when it comes to marriage, we want to have the best on the planet, were just wired that way.

So, if we all want the same thing then why are there so many different voices, bombarding us on how to achieve that.  Impurity, sexual immorality and fleshly desires are things this world TEACHES us to live by.  Their message is if it feels good at the time or seems right, it’s okay just go for it.

But daily we are flooded with these messages and images about sex through tv, music, movies, the internet, billboard’s we pass by, clothes we choose to wear and not to wear both male and female, and what we make the choice to do with our cell phones with the world wide web on them and sexting if we choose that one as well and they all promise to lead you on a path that leads to fulfillment, but is that true.  But you see there is another voice however, that isn’t being spoken in what we call church and have to read about Him in a book, now there are some good songs about Him and then many that sing nothing about Him from this world, God didn’t write that bible with His hands but He let people be born into this world that would write and now and today type, you see it promotes this idea of purity, saving yourself sexually before marriage, in fact some people might be quite surprised that making love to the heart was actually God’s idea in the first place, sex is what animals do.  He created it to be a amazing and holy experience, between a husband and a wife, it’s actually His wedding gift to you, that can be enjoyed over and over again, but He knows that to open that gift before two come together before God, each other and their friends and families will only lead you down a path full of regret and disappointment, but on the other hand purity leads to future fulfillment in marriage and knowing that they waited on you they will stay true to you and a intimate relationship with Christ.  God wants you to experience His best.  Please know that the devil knows how to answer spoken prayers, but only our Creator Yahweh knows your thoughts and your heart.

So, stay on the right path, IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.

Be prepared for eternity, forever is a long time

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